On Materialism

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here and loathing

tumblr_lz8ihx8xY91qd9227o1_500Image: Alejandro Diaz, 2012

Happiness is not a feeling– it is a state of being, a certain fleeting content.

When holding a physical thing, such as a book or an old wooden bowl, I can remember exactly where I was when I picked it up for the first time. A summer-hot-and-musty-smelling used book store on 4th Ave. An antique shop on the east side of town, between the second and third shoulder-height metal shelved aisles. Holding something new for the first time induces a chemical bonding; a magnetic pulse spreads from my fingertips into my heart and I feel compelled to take whatever that thing is that I’m touching home. A telephone table, a new LP. In that moment, is it happiness? No. It is excitement. An item’s potential is what drives me to continue buying things– I can play this musical instrument for hours and create music! I can…

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A managing member of OhSweetLaLa, I love to sew, read all sorts of books, photography, and learning about how to make things work well. I've learned this life is a journey full of lessons, if you look around every day you learn something new.

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