Oh Sweetlala and LovedYouFirst was fueled by lack of direction in my life but knowing that I had a purpose waiting to be addressed. I needed to grow desperately in my private life and professional life. My position in the corporate world was simply unfulfilling and merely a distraction. The interesting thing was that I knew there was something I was supposed to be doing, but could not quite figure out how I was going to get there. So I started out with baby steps while I worked on my product line, I knew something had to change but what and how.

Sewing is something that I learned how to do at a young age in order to have the latest trends and fashions at a small cost. Putting my own spin on a dress or skirt allowed me to explore the creative or design aspect of fashion. Textures and colors makes me happy, I realize that its totally corny, but it still makes me happy. The opportunity to light up someone’s face with a finish product honestly tickles me pink and sometimes blue. During my life journey I’ve realized that doing what I love empowers me to reach beyond my wildest dreams. In doing what makes me happy I can bless others in such a way that I had never imagined.

My life goal is to put others to work one baby step at time in Ghana by creating 1. a design school where women can meet to design sew and sell their products 2. a children’s school that will provide education and a safe comfortable place to gather, get engaged and be inspired.

In my little quirky world I’m focused, centered and inspired knowing that I’m called to serve others. I chose to show up and serve by creating a lifestyle of opportunities by empowering women and children with the education, tools and services they need to realize their dreams beyond their wildest imagination.


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